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Stephen Ferris, Kris Gale and a revolving door of jaded music and entertainment industry hacks chew-out the latest in the world of rugby league treating it with the respect and reverence which it so richly deserves.


Fire Up! #03/11-Stephen Ferris, Brett Oaten & special guest James Arvanatakis-Rd 3 Preview: Forget Charlie Sheen's "Tiger Blood", we've got Josh Dugan's "Leech Blood"

March 25th, 2011

Episode 77 of 317 episodes

Featuring Josh Dugan's leech blood, The Fox Sports commentary team's exploration of the geopolitical world through WikiLeaks, Inglis' fear of Crowe (apparently he also fears running, getting involved in the game and weighing less than his Western Suburbs size house-to-be). Plus we reveal the hitherto unknown link between Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and rugby league. Don't forget to continue the farce at facebook.com/fireuprugbyleague or if you dare encourage us, buy merchandise at cafepress.com.au/FireUpShop

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