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Stephen Ferris, Kris Gale and a revolving door of jaded music and entertainment industry hacks chew-out the latest in the world of rugby league treating it with the respect and reverence which it so richly deserves.


Fire Up! #26/10-Stephen Ferris & Brett Oaten-Round 26 Preview: Who doesn't want to swing the bookie's odds back in your favour?

September 3rd, 2010

Episode 69 of 317 episodes

Just Do It - Ben Johnson, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods... now Ryan Tandy; We bring you the words NOT printed in Cameron Smith's interview with the Tele; Aiden Tolman signs anything he's asked - the real story of the salary cap scandal revealed; The "Soft" XIII; Poultry In Motion; Melbourne will be finally taught what it feels like to be cheated on Mad Monday - they've been told they're going to Bali, but will actually end up in Darwin; Khoder Nasser to sign Mitchell Stevens: the man who can punch someone's ear off.

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