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Stephen Ferris, Kris Gale and a revolving door of jaded music and entertainment industry hacks chew-out the latest in the world of rugby league treating it with the respect and reverence which it so richly deserves.


Fire Up! #3/09-Stephen Ferris & Brett Oaten & Mick Meredith-Round 2 Preview: Pizza Atrocities, Nigerian Bank Scams, Dog Eating and more

March 20th, 2009

Episode 16 of 317 episodes

2230 reasons not to eat pizza + Nigerian bank/shot-put scams + Eat your dog and harden up + Todd Carney's Atherton Adventure + "(I've Got The) Todd Carney Visa Application Blues (LIVE)" by Mick Meredith + "The Ballad of Wes Naiqama" by Mick Meredith + Brett White goes to the Ballet + "Drink Driver in a League of His Own" Shame File + "Sequestered in Manly" by Home Made Plane

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