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The Michigan Department of Corrections - Field Operations Administration (MDOC FOA) Field Days features interviews with parole and probation agents from around the state. Hosts Noah Nagy and Greg Straub offer witty banter and fun to their listeners.


Pete Martel, a mitigation specialist at the State Appellate Defender's Office and former 14-year inmate talks about how having family support and attending community college set him on a path to becoming a lawyer.

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Rob Engel, a former offender who battled drug addiction is now a Outreach Specialist at the Lansing Financial Empowerment Center. Rob helps parolees and probationers reduce their debts and improve their financial health. He shares his success with our Field Days host in this week's episode.

The Vivitrol Pilot Program is the first step to broadening medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and opioid substance abusers. Vivitrol is an injection that is administered to offenders on a voluntary basis to block the feelings of getting drunk or high. Noah returns as co-host with Chris to interview Sherri Sankey, the health unit manager...

Ryan Powell and Angie Sprank from the reentry join Chris and Greg to talk about the truck driving training program for offenders looking to start a rewarding career after prison. You can also read more about the truck driving program in the Corrections Connection:...