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Outgoing Premier Mike Baird joins the show for final goodbyes and to relive some of his best bits, the boys cross live to Washington for Trumps Inauguration and Big Dickie Wilkins raps the week upagainst Wippa!

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When the cats away the mice will play, unfortunately producer Tommy is out of action due to pink eye.. so the boys gave him an early morning wake up call, as well as providing a public service announcement on talkback radio.

We are feeling hot, hot, hot and so are the people of Sydney, apparently not having sex can make you live longer and Fitzy would love to chat to a nun. Also Wipps learnt a lesson about sliding down kids slides – it’s not good for his mild arthritis.

Everyone loves a Tuesday.. Sarah Harris joined the boys and they wanted to know her opinion on the ‘Jacket Gate’, Beau Ryan called the show with something to say to Fitzy plus Fitzy decided to stitch up his poor parents!