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How good is love? This morning Georgia Love and her chosen one Lee joined us to dish the dirt on their Singapore romance during the Bachelorette finale. Plus, it’s the battle you didn’t need or want – MDG vs. Fitzy in our rap of the week.

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Wait until you hear the unbelievable cover song Betty Who performed for us live on air this morning – plus Scotty Cam revealed the worst 3 jobs he’s seen in the past 12 seasons of The Block – what one couple did to their room would put anyone off buying a home.

It’s our favourite time of the week – Letters to the Editor – where Sarah stitches us up with your feedback on the show. Where does the positive feedback go? Surely someone is sending us a nice email. Anyone?

This morning we brought back one of our favourite segments – Oh, that’s Interesting! – Which massive American comedian was spotted complaining about their food? And you won’t believe who was buying a fish in Penrith – okay, mainly because we didn’t believe the caller either.