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Ask MomRN Show Season 9 Episode 1

October 12th, 2016

Episode 934 of 943 episodes

Tamara Walker, RN, aka MomRN, and her expert guests share practical advice, information and support for raising a happy, healthy family. With Fall in full-swing, families are now in the midst of the busy school year. Even with busy schedules, and often because of it, it’s important to keep health and wellness top of mind Luckily, today Wellness and Lifestyle Contributor AND Editor-in-Chief of SimpleMomsGuide.com, Terra Wellington is going to give us some ideas and tips for a fall wellness checkup. Leading world expert on the psychology of smell and professor from Brown University and Boston College, Rachel Herz, Ph.D., understands the powerful impact our sense of smell has on our emotional state. Dr. Herz discusses how scent can impact your emotions and inspire you to explore a more mysterious, intriguing side of yourself as we transition into the autumn season – a time many have associated with transformation and new beginnings. Herz will also explain how seasonal fragrances can help evoke feelings of temptation and creativity in your home, inspiring you to make little changes that can impact your everyday. Sugar is a hot topic these days, but not all sugar is alike. Some sugar is naturally occurring in foods like fruits and milk. But then there’s sugar that is added to foods and beverages for taste – which is what you want to look out for. When grocery shopping, how do you know what to look for to spot added sugars? Joining us to discuss this and much more is nutrition expert and author of The Small Change Diet and sought-after nutrition expert, Keri Gans.

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