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Ask MomRN Show - Summer Reading, Safety, Travel & Fun

June 6th, 2011

Episode 682 of 943 episodes

Heather Feldstein created WordsByMom.com to familiarize people with and showcase some modern children’s books that they may not have been aware of previously. She'll share some of her favorites and how to find quality literature for your kids to read. Then, Stacey Honowitz, author of 2 children's books and supervisor of the Broward Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit joins us to to talk about her latest book. Parents always want to know how to talk to their children about sexual abuse. They understand the importance of the topic, yet many struggle to find the "right words". Stacey's books were written specifically with that in mind, and give parents the opportunity to discuss this subject matter without feeling uncomfortable. Next we have summer travel tips for your family from VisitFlorida.com and summer safety and fun tips from lifestyle expert, Amy E. Goodman. Whether you are a brand new parent or have teenagers leaving the nest in a few short years, MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help you on your journey through parenthood. MomRN is walking right alongside you on this path, with two teenage kids of her own. Her expertise has helped thousands of parents as they strive to be the best parents they can be. Join MomRN and her expert guests each week for practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family.

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