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Ask MomRN Show: Tracey B. Wilson & Lady Gaga's Anti-Bullying Book

December 23rd, 2013

Episode 821 of 943 episodes

HEAL THIS WAY author/photographer Tracey B. Wilson is an actor, photographer, filmmaker, comedian, and emcee and joins us to discuss her new book, Heal This Way - A Love Story, an anti-bullying project. Ms. Wilson works on Lady Gaga's North American tours as the tour photographer and compiled the book, Heal This Way, using letters, photos and input from Lady Gaga's fans, whom Lady Gaga calls her Little Monsters. Lady Gaga's biggest fans share their raw emotions about coming out, bullying, thoughts of suicide, and the need for acceptance, in this inspirational new book. Quotes and letters are accompanied by stunning Little Monster portraits that invite you into the soul. This beautiful, thought provoking and often humorous book is geared to LGBTQ youth, teens yearning to fit it, and fans of pop culture. We’ve all heard of palm readers being able to predict your future simply by looking at the palm of your hand, but few of us are aware of how our feet can provide tell-tale signs of our overall health. Cold feet, discolored toenails, swelling, and numbness can all be warning signs of serious health problems. Dr. Paul Kinsinger is here to help us gauge our wellbeing and understand exactly what our feet are telling us. Millions of people are preparing for their annual after work cocktails, office party, family dinners and New Year’s Eve soirees, and the biggest question isn’t “what do I bring?” It’s “what do I wear?” Enter Jamie Krell! Her fashion and beauty career started on the show “Friends”, working with the show’s costume designer. Her next stop, E! and the Style Network. Now, Jamie wants to help you “style’” your way through the holidays!

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