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February 19th, 2009

Episode 148 of 943 episodes

FLY SHOW NOTES 2-19-09 I'm Flying. Subject today is ANYTHING goes! Pam aka Gramma6 in chat is having a show about ADHD & ADD Jackie in IL. Suggests a name for Pam’s show, Gramma’s play room. Mission: To vacuum or dust mop all the corners of the Ceiling Song: So long Dust Samba Arleed from CT. Marla helped her get through bedrest and loosing a baby 2 weeks ago. Mission Clean out a drawer. Song Clean up Song Martha from VA. Is having issues with children and morning routine. Song: Too Much to Believe Mission Reboot Laundry Paulette from NC. Asking about establishing habits to get routines set. Song: Swish and Swipe Song Mission: Swish and Swipe Amanda from NY. Is trying to quit smoking. Jackie from IL got on with some quit smoking tips. Song: Dream Big Mission: Take a break and cuddle time. Sharon from CA. Talked about growing up with her BO mother. And calendar sycning. Ask about a show for living with adult children. Song: All I Need Mission: Schedule a self care appointment. Alison from CA. Is asking for suggestions for affordable organization/storing for her classroom. Also talked about teaching in a large city. Mission Check and see what’s for dinner and throw out something Song Corndog Song Vickie from MI. Beach Essays helped a lot. Mission Hot Spot Fire Drill. Song FLY Kid Kelly from CO. f you need help with your Inner Princess go download http://www.thegetoutofdebtbook.org/ it will help you understand the lil kid in you wanting to play. Mission Check your Grocery List Song Go Deed Doer Melanie from Chicago. . Mission 5 Minute Room Rescue Song Room Patrol Kelly from MI. You have to take breaks. Mission Get rid of 2 or 3 items out of your closet. Song Why Not Today!!

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