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FlyLady and Friends discuss overcoming depression and shame.

April 2nd, 2009

Episode 180 of 943 episodes

FLY Show 04-02-09 I’m FLYing Marla and Nikki begin with Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner as our new sponsor. Jenn from CA. Marla is teaching her that she is worth living and she wants to say thank you. She is putting together a Children’s Book and wants Marla permission to write about FlyLady. Mission Check Medication Expiration dates Song The Corndog Song Special Guest Calls in and Eric Dodge has called in! He has a big event tonight He is opening for Julianna Huff’s Concert tonight. She is known from Dancing with the Stars. Having the concert out of Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheater. Mission Write a short note to someone you care about The Last Real Cowboy Meg from MD. She thanks Marla for telling her what to do everyday! Marla cautions her about piling on and doing too much, we have to be nice to ourselves. Marla explains how she piggy-backs things together to form her routines. Mission Get 5 pieces of clothes that don’t fit Rockin Routines Melanie from IL. She has built a control journal for Birthdays at her house using the Holiday Control Journal and had a bad experience for the party and is discouraged. Marla suggests building a page for what she has forgotten and learned from the first experience. Marla tells her to stop beating herself up for what didn’t work, and plan using what didn’t work. Mission Wipe off the outside of you Control Journal and the bottom of your purse Up Kinda Day Kandi from AK. Her husband has been deployed for 3 out of 4 years and is feeling very overwhelmed. Marla says don’t hyper focus, let go of your perfectionism. For the kids www.Housefairy.org Mission grab up a load of laundry I Pledge Anne from NC. Called about a month ago has been trying to get the kids to school but the mornings are still way to hectic. She has recently tried to commit suicide and Marla talks to her about taking care of herself. Marla tells her to build a play list for herself of her favorite songs.

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