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FlyLady & Friends 12/18/08 Part 4

December 22nd, 2008

Episode 107 of 943 episodes

Cleanup song! 2:45 Marla reminds us to get our housework done first then we can play! 2:47 Amanda from Arkansas Donnia sent her presents. Amanda is loving Eric’s Christmas CD and also a testimonial. Marla reminds us it’s sometimes hard to accept gifts. Talking recipes for divinity, fudge, cookies, date nut logs, etc. Marla was never good at making divinity, it always flopped. Amanda has fudge problems! ? Amanda shares her story about her leg injury got an ice burn Alan and BTR helped her recover and she is so grateful for being able to hear BTR while recovering Talked about favorite dishes to bring to pot luck. Pizza Dip recipe Marla’s winter potluck recipe 2:57 Mission: light a candle or 2 to help spread the cheer around Let There be Peace on Earth

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