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FlyLady & Friends 12/18/08 Part 8

December 22nd, 2008

Episode 103 of 943 episodes

The Veggie Blues!!! 3:45 Jendi from Pennsylvania. Not used to swish and swipe. Wondering if it is ok if she does it once a week. It works better for her to do it once a week. Marla said once a day is so much better swishing and swiping Jendi loves Twitter reminders Husband noticed when she stopped FLYing, but he didn’t comment when it was doing it! Mini mission: swish and swipe Alicia from WI: Nanny very stressed out, working in 2 houses, feels very overwhelmed. Whenever she needs something it’s at the other house. Too cold to leave everything out in the car. Marla said she needs to learn how to travel efficiently. Have one bag that stays packed all the time so she can take it with her. Told her to make a list of things she needs and keep them with her. There is a packing/vacation control journal. Marla said she needs to get more sleep. Mini Mission pick up toys on the living room floor 3:57 Lydia from Michigan’s daughter has exzema and wants to know what can help by eating or vitamins. Leanne said Vitamin E can be taken and used. Flaxseed oil, salmon 4:00 Mini Mission wipe toothepaste specks off your mirror Slow and Steady

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