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FlyLady & Friends 12/18/08 Part 9

December 22nd, 2008

Episode 102 of 943 episodes

Slow and Steady 4:02 Laura from Montana medical problems, got checked up and told the Dr. She is a FlyBaby She wants the sink stopper. 4:10 Let there be peace on earth Leanne experimented with her turkey this year. High temperature roasting and it turned out GREAT!!! 3:25 Mission: Hotspot cleaning Grown up Christmas List 3:30 Jennifer from Oregon – new flybaby loving the new site. The no whining part of the site, Marla reminded everyone it’s all about babysteps, don’t crash and burn Caller seems she is so behind with laundry. Marla recommended just gathering it all up and going to the Laundromat. She has too many clothes. 5 in the family. Marla suggested she clean out one drawer for each person so they all have one empty drawer. That will make putting away much easier.

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