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MissusSmartyPants-Consignment Store Shopping

September 2nd, 2014

Episode 867 of 943 episodes

This week's style topic: High Style, Low Price--Secrets of shopping consignment stores Sometimes I just want to shop! There are times I just want to go shopping and buy something new. You know the feeling, you enjoy getting out there and looking around at all the pretty things. The problem is we can't always give in to these desires and must work within our monthly budgets. One of the best things about style is it can be found in a variety of places and at a variety of price-points! Shop consignment! There are great wardrobe bargains to be found at consignment stores! Consignment stores are selective by taking in only the best and current styles that will sell. Shopping second-hand is not only a great way to improve your style on a budget, but it’s a great way to live a "greener" lifestyle. You are 're-purposing" clothes that aren't right for someone else but could be simply fabulous for you! “High Style, Low Price”... the in's and out's of shopping consignment stores successfully when you order your Personal Profile today. These tips are straight from consignment store owners. They are sharing with you how to get the best bargains--when to shop and how to shop and pay less! These tips will change the way you acquire your wardrobe forever!

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