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Food on the Road

April 21st, 2013

Episode 279 of 661 episodes

There's an army of lorries at work right now, transporting food and other goods all over the country. They keep food on our shelves and without them the UK's economy would collapse within days. But what's it like to work, live - and eat - on the road? Reporter Andrew Webb spends a day at the Orwell Crossing truck stop near the port of Felixstowe, with its 24-hour restaurant. Truck driver Dougie Rankine shares an audio diary of his perspective from high up in his cab, searching for the right meal at all times of day and night. Veteran driver John Eden recalls stopping off for nocturnal breakfasts in a notorious truck stop after negotiating 'suicide alley'. In this edition of The Food Programme, Sheila Dillon reveals a food story on very big wheels. Producer: Rich Ward.

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