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James Schramko has created a life of freedom for both himself and his family thanks to mastering (seriously mastering) all there is to know about internet marketing. Tim Reid, well he's probably a bit like you … he loves the idea of internet marketing, would love to be debt free but has a million and one questions about the how, why, what, who, where and when of internet marketing. Put them together and it's like listening to Gilligan and the Skipper!


#5 Product Creation.

March 23rd, 2011

Episode 9 of 165 episodes

This is the episode where we answer a listener question around creating an information product. We could flesh these show notes out, but you know what … that’s exactly what we cover. Quote of the show – “It’s time to take the floaties off and hit the jet skis!” – James Schramko. (Duration 57 min […]

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