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Insight, wit and analysis as BBC correspondents, journalists and writers take a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. Presented by Kate Adie and Pascale Harter.


A Nightmare of Uncertainty

February 6th, 2016

Episode 751 of 867 episodes

The human stories behind the headlines. In this edition one correspondent flies through the Latin American night visiting three countries in search of the truth about the Zika crisis; another accompanies members of a private militia on patrol in Kenya. They're looking for rhino poachers and if they find them, they'll kill them; the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been built on oil. But the oil price has nosedived and for the Saudi leaders, it's a time of unprecedented insecurity; the Syria peace talks in Geneva have been put on hold - no point talking just for the sake of talking, says the UN special envoy. And 'imagine a dolphin or a unicorn jumping through your third eye!' That's one of the suggestions at a group therapy session out in the Sahara Desert. But what did the man from the BBC make of it all?

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