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A Walk in the West Wing

July 25th, 2015

Episode 710 of 867 episodes

Stories from reporters around the world. In this edition: summoned to the White House to talk to the president of the United States of America - but what was it like meeting one of the most powerful and important men in the world? After that interview, Mr Obama flew on to Kenya and we learn how the need for ever-greater security is just one of the factors which bind Kenya and the US together. While the rest of Greece is counting its money, we set sail for an island counting on its own history to see it through the current economic crisis. The house in the Pakistani city of Karachi offering hope and treatment to children suffering from drug addiction and, in many cases, years of neglect and abuse. And we make use of the sun and a mobile phone app as we hunt for a place to cross the Zambezi River in Africa

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