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FOOC: 07 Feb 13: Digging Up The Beer

February 7th, 2013

Episode 341 of 867 episodes

Analysis, colour, wit and observation from journalists worldwide. Today: Pascale Harter chronicles the fury in Spain at reports that politicians are lining their pockets while the people are making painful sacrifices in the name of austerity. James Harkin on the death of a young engineer who wanted to help build a new Syria after the revolution. Jill McGivering on the Indian women being talked into hysterectomies by doctors eager to make more money. Orla Guerin meets an Afghan governor who says don't worry about the Taliban, peace is at hand - although he does keep an assault rifle close at hand! And Thomas Fessy, in newly-liberated Timbuktu, unearths the beer that had to be buried when the fabled city was seized by Islamist rebels. Produced by Tony Grant.

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