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FOOC 16 Mar 2013: Referendum Day

March 16th, 2013

Episode 362 of 867 episodes

Millions of Zimbabweans vote on a new constitution - Andrew Harding, in Harare, quotes one government minister saying the document is the 'midwife' to a brand new future for the country. Jonathan Head talks of Burma's most famous resident, the Nobel prizewinner Aung San Suu Kyi. Once revered as an icon, now she's having to get used to being heckled as she goes about her work as a politician. Louisa Loveluck talks of the crumbling Egyptian railway system and how it is starting to tarnish the reputation of the new government led by Mohammed Morsi. More than a billion Indians are about to get brand new state of the art identity cards. Peter Day says it's a bold move by the government -- but will it be a successful one? People in Jerusalem are awaiting the imminent arrival of Barack Obama. Kevin Connolly speculates on what may emerge from the trip and wonders if, afterwards, streets will be named in honour of the American president! The programme is produced by Tony Grant.

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