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FOOC 18 OCT 12: Lederhosen Style

October 18th, 2012

Episode 294 of 867 episodes

Thousands of Kenyans prepare to go to court to pursue claims against the British. Gabriel Gatehouse in Nairobi explains how they date back to the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s and why they are getting little publicity inside Kenya itself. The Dutch are changing their famously-liberal drugs laws. Manuela Saragosa says the decision's delighted some but infuriated others. Caspar Leighton's been observing celebrations of fifty years of Ugandan independence. He says people there are wondering whether, after their nation's shaky start, they are now suffering from too much stability. Rich and poor , young and old, if you want to strike up a conversation with an Indian, start talking about gold. Rahul Tandon is in Calcutta finding out why. Lederhosen for men. Heidi-style dresses for women. Bethany Bell has been learning why these clothes, so long the preserve of the ultra-conservatives in southern Germany and Austria, have now become highly fashionable.

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