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FOOC Feb 12 2015: Tea and Cakes in Addis

February 12th, 2015

Episode 655 of 867 episodes

Questions and answers beyond the headlines. Little urgency apparent as the factions from the bitter war in South Sudan gather in Ethiopia to talk about peace. President Putin's been attending another peace conference, this one in Minsk - we've been considering how his standing at home has been affected by the worsening conflict in eastern Ukraine. Our Middle East Editor has a face to face interview with Bashar al-Assad of Syria -- but was it really the BBC audience the president was hoping to reach with his answers? Three years after the sinking of the cruise ship the Costa Concordia, we return to the Italian island of Giglio to find out what effect the wreck has had on the local economy. And it's one of the windiest regions on earth -- so is China's new bullet train across the Gobi Desert in danger of being blown over?

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