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FOOC Feb 14 2015: A Pig of a Sea

February 14th, 2015

Episode 657 of 867 episodes

More and more migrants are trying to cross the Mediterranean and there are suggestions the new force charged with rescuing those in danger of drowning isn't up to the job. Emma Jane Kirby's been to Europe's southern shores to see how it's coping. Andrew Harding was in the parliament building in Cape Town when President Zuma's state of the nation speech was interrupted by hecklers. He considers whether the chaos was a sign that democracy's in decline in South Africa. The global crude oil market has collapsed, the price has plummeted. Jon Sopel has been to Texas where the mood is, perhaps surprisingly, not altogether pessimistic. Elections in Nigeria have been postponed. Will Ross says many people there view the decision with deep suspicion. And carnival season's underway in many parts of the world. Dany Mitzman's been witnessing preparations in one Italian town where there were fears this year that this was a party which would never happen.

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