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FOOC Oct 11 2014: The Battle for Hong Kong

October 11th, 2014

Episode 604 of 867 episodes

'Caught between the demands of the masses and the stern imperatives of Beijing's control': Fergal Keane on the Hong Kong authorities' reaction to the demonstrations which have brought parts of the territory to a standstill. Nick Thorpe is in Bulgaria hearing ever-louder demands for a new European union, this one to be centred on Moscow. A spotlight on La Paz - Katy Watson's in the extraordinary capital of Bolivia as people prepare to vote in a general election. The verdant hill town of Zomba in Malawi is said to be one of the most attractive places in the heart of Africa -- but Jonathan Fryer's been learning that, for many locals, making a living's not easy. And Horatio Clare's in the Danube Delta's archipelago of waters, marshes and sighing trees listening to stories of conservation, propagation and extinction.

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