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Jan 21, 2012

January 21st, 2012

Episode 159 of 867 episodes

BBC correspondents don't often go out gardening -- perhaps that's because it gives them a guilty conscience! At least it does Kevin Connolly in Jerusalem. He's been losing sleep over his lemon tree. Humphrey Hawksley's been meeting children in India who work, sometimes in poor conditions, to produce goods sold in shops on Western high streets. Owen Bennett Jones is in Pakistan where the agenda of the news anchors ranges from assassination and polical venality to gossip and who's had a hair transplant. Jeremy Bowen, heavily shadowed by government minders, tries to find out the degree of support for the campaign to oust the president Bashar al-Assad and Stephen Sackur has been to report in Yemen where a political vacuum seems to suit an al-Qaeda-backed insurgency.

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