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March 08, 2012

March 8th, 2012

Episode 198 of 867 episodes

The extraordinarily spry 80-year-olds of Shikoku: Peter Day's met them and tells us about the problems countries such as Japan and Britain face with their ageing populations. 'A match made in heaven.' Daniel Schweimler's impressed with the wines made in the Argentine region of Mendoza. Matthew Price finds Greeks deeply concerned about the further demands they're facing for austerity as efforts continue to secure another cash bailout from the EU and IMF What happens when Chinese villagers, incensed about land grabs, stand up against the authorities. Martin Patience, in Guangdong province, says they may have won the battle but they shouldn't feel too confident about winning the war. And Martin Plaut meets an extraordinary man close to the troubled border between Sudan and South Sudan: a doctor, determined to dodge danger and bring help to all who need it.

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