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Nov 05, 2011

November 5th, 2011

Episode 114 of 867 episodes

America has the Wild West, Russia has its Wild East. And Reggie Nadelson's there, in the port of Vladiovostok. The city, once closed to foreigners, is getting a big makeover. It'll be the new San Francisco, some claim. Paul Moss is in Athens where it's been a week of uncertainty and high political drama. Herman Cain is the choice of many Republicans to be the man to contest next year's presidential election. But his campaign's been sidelined by allegations of sexual harrassment. Mark Mardell's joined him on the campaign trail. There's a new rail line in Jerusalem. Matthew Teller says it provides interesting travel possibilities but it's also proving controversial. And Hugh Schofield's been to the south of France to talk to the iconic fashion designer Pierre Cardin and hear how he saw off all his rivals.

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