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Nov 10, 2011

November 10th, 2011

Episode 116 of 867 episodes

'Prosperity for all!' That was the Ugandan president's promise as he stood for re-election but today, as Rob Young's been finding out, there's growing discontent at steeply rising food and fuel prices. There are accusations in Kyrgyzstan of persecution of the Uzbek minority in the south of the country -- Natalia Antelava, who's been investigating, says the official line is that reconciliation's well underway after vicious ethnic clashes there last year. Huw Cordey records that the image of Colombia is slowly changing now that government forces appear to have the upper hand in the long battle against the FARC rebels. Not all the British servicemen stationed in Germany will be coming home -- Chris Bowlby's been meeting some who plan to stay on there. And Vincent Dowd's been visiting a Philadelphia museum which offers a window onto recent American history ... and some rather fine singing too!

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