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The Chocolate Revolution

May 4th, 2013

Episode 378 of 867 episodes

Reporters' stories from around the world: why Rupert Wingfield Hayes believes North Korea's recent sabre-rattling speaks not of a regime that is strong and confident but one that is weak and scared, of the outside world and increasingly of its own people too. Emilie Filou accompanies the fly-catchers of Burkina Faso as they test an old legend - 'if you live too close to the river, it will eat your eyes!' Mexico's latest political scandal unfolds in a restaurant over the road from the BBC office - Will Grant's handily placed then to reveal all. 'A kind of hell' - Darius Bazargan finds out why heroin addiction's spreading through Afghani society and James Harkin's been on Turkey's border with Syria and tells a tale of the actress who couldn't stop crying and the boy who's made friends with a turtle.

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