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Without Stability We Have Nothing

July 16th, 2015

Episode 708 of 867 episodes

Context and colour behind the headlines. In this edition: mounting discontent in Algeria as the authorities try to restore order to a desert town where more than twenty people were killed last week. 'Mass incarceration,' according to President Obama, 'makes our country worse off.' We meet some of the prisoners, originally handed long sentences, who've now been granted clemency. What lessons can African leaders, and western democracies, learn from the rise and rise of Ethiopia? We're on a dance floor in Addis Ababa trying to work them out. With pilgrimages apparently proving more popular than ever, our man sets out on one a particularly demanding one, in southeastern Brazil. And four year long years of drought have hit the fruit farms of California hard. How can they maintain their levels of production while under strict orders to consume less water?

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