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June 15th, 2015

Episode 931 of 1502 episodes

John Wilson talks to Ian McKellen about his role as an elderly Sherlock Holmes in the new film Mr Holmes. Sir Ian explains how, now he is 76, he related to his character's struggle to recall past events. Stephen Witt on his book How Music Got Free, a fascinating account of the digital music revolution, from the invention of the MP3 to the near-collapse of the music industry. Boyd Hilton, television editor of Heat Magazine reviews the second series of True Detectives. The setting has switched from humid, voluptuous Lousiana to the scorched concrete of Los Angeles. The acclaimed drama follows three police officers and a career criminal as they navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder. And, on the day The Clangers, to the delight of right thinking people of all ages, return to our televisions, Kay Benbow, Controller of CBeebies, and Dean Weller, the CEO of Generation Media, a company which researches the viewing habits of children, discuss with John the changing forms of children's television.

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