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Alain de Botton, Son of Saul, Josie Rourke and Nick Payne, Jazz biopics

April 26th, 2016

Episode 1163 of 1502 episodes

Alain de Botton discusses his first novel in twenty years. The Course of Love centres on the story of a couple called Rabih and Kirsten who meet, fall in love, and get married. The philosopher, author and presenter tells John why he wanted to explore the later chapters of a relationship, and why he has taken such a long break from fiction. The Hungarian feature film Son of Saul closely follows one inmate of the Auschwitz concentration camp who is a member of the Sonderkommando, responsible for disposing of the bodies of the victims murdered in the gas chambers. Jason Solomons reviews the film that won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film this year, as well as the Grand Prix at Cannes. Playwright Nick Payne and director Josie Rourke discuss the inspiration behind Elegy, a new play set in a world where medical advances mean that life can be extended at the expense of our memories. With Miles Ahead, starring Don Cheadle as jazz master Miles Davies, currently in our cinemas, and film depictions of Nina Simone and Chet Baker on the way; the music journalist and self-professed jazzhead, Kevin Le Gendre explores the challenges of the jazz movie. Presenter: John Wilson Producer: Ella-mai Robey.

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