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Cinderella; 2015 Folio Prize Winner; Documentary-maker Nick Broomfield

March 23rd, 2015

Episode 821 of 1502 episodes

Samira Ahmed talks to the winner of the 2015 Folio Prize, live from tonight's ceremony in London. Antonia Quirke reviews Kenneth Branagh's new film Cinderella, the latest live-action retelling of a Disney classic fairytale. Documentary-maker Nick Broomfield discusses his latest film, Tales of the Grim Sleeper. The film is about Lonnie Franklin Jr. who is believed to have killed more than 100 women, making him the most prolific serial killer in history. Broomfield returns to Franklin's neighbourhood to ask how he was allowed to get away with murder for so long and why the deaths of poor African American women were of no interest to the police investigating the case. Artist Adam Dant, who has just been appointed official Election artist, discusses his plans to cover events in the coming six weeks.

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