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David Hare, Meryl Streep's new film Ricki and the Flash, Max Richter

September 2nd, 2015

Episode 989 of 1502 episodes

Playwright, screenwriter and director Sir David Hare, whose plays include Plenty, Pravda, and his trilogy of Racing Demon, Murmuring Judges and The Absence of War, discusses his career in theatre, film and TV, as he publishes his new memoir The Blue Touch Paper. Composer Max Richter's latest work, Sleep, which he describes as a personal lullaby for a frenetic world, is an exploration of how music enters the brain even when we're not awake. Richter discusses the new eight-hour piece, how the audience for the premiere will be experiencing it from a bed, and how he'll expect them to nod off during it. New comedy-drama Ricki and the Flash sees Meryl Streep playing a rock musician who abandoned her family to pursue stardom as she returns home to counsel her divorcing daughter. Larushka Ivan-Zedah reviews. Presenter John Wilson Producer Jerome Weatherald.

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