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Dylan Moran and Igor Meerson; Jung Chang; Todd Miller; Referendum theatre

August 11th, 2014

Episode 500 of 1502 episodes

Front Row comes from Edinburgh with Dylan Moran who, along with fellow comedian Eddie Izzard, is producing a showcase of stand ups from around Europe as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. Representing Russia is Igor Meerson who joins Dylan Moran to discuss the differences between British and Russian humour. Jung Chang, whose family memoir Wild Swans sold more than 13 million copies, discusses researching her biography of the Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi in China, director Todd Miller talks about his documentary Dinosaur 13, which follows the bitter custody battle over an extraordinary T Rex skeleton found in South Dakota in 1990. And, as several plays at the Edinburgh Festivals explore the Scottish Referendum, Kirsty Lang looks at how playwrights are tackling the subject. Photo Credit: Dylan Moran by Andy Hollingworth Presenter: Kirsty Lang Producer: Olivia Skinner.

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