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Harvey Keitel, Savages, HG Wells, The Birth of a Nation

January 26th, 2016

Episode 1094 of 1502 episodes

Harvey Keitel talks to Kirsty Lang about Youth, the new film from The Great Beauty director Paolo Sorrentino, in which he and Michael Caine play a director and composer reflecting on their lives while vacationing in the Swiss Alps. Savages are a post-punk rock band whose first album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Singer and guitarist, Jehnny Beth and Gemma Thompson, talk about repetition and sexuality on their new album Adore Life. H.G.Wells may be best known for his classics The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds but he also wrote short stories and now Graham Duff has adapted some of these for Sky Arts. Biographer Michael Sherborne joins him to discuss H.G.Wells and the four adaptations called The Nightmare World of H.G.Wells. The Birth of a Nation premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week and received a standing ovation. It follows the story of Nat Turner a slave and preacher who led a rebellion in the 1800's. Justin Chang, the Chief Film Critic for Variety, explains how one man, Nate Parker, wanted to make it so much that he quit acting to produce, write, direct and star in the film.

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