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Jordskott; We Want You to Watch; Unfinished Art; Rebecca Dinerstein

June 16th, 2015

Episode 932 of 1502 episodes

Jordskott is the latest TV crime import from Scandinavia, this time from the Swedish state broadcaster SVT and drawing heavily on Norse folklore. Dr Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough, specialist in Nordic culture and history, reviews the programme. Fusing theatre, dance and music, We Want You to Watch is a new play looking at the effects of internet pornography on our society. Samira Ahmed speaks to Abbi Greenland and Helen Goalen from the theatre company RashDash and director Caroline Steinbeis. An exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery in London explores the works that artists have left unfinished, from Renaissance paintings to 20th century drawings. Sarah Crompton reflects on the artists who have deliberately chosen not finish their works, and how an artist decides when a work of art is complete. Rebecca Dinerstein discusses her debut novel The Sunlit Night, a love story set in the Arctic community of Norway, and the year she herself spent there in an artist's colony. Presenter: Samira Ahmed Producer: Ellie Bury.

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