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Leviathan, Amelia Bullmore, Waterloo at Windsor, Son of a Gun

January 30th, 2015

Episode 747 of 1502 episodes

In Front Row: a new exhibition Waterloo at Windsor 1815-2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Kirsty Lang visits Windsor Castle to see the exhibits which include Napoleon's red cloak which was seized at the scene on the day of battle. The Oscar-nominated Russian film Leviathan won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, but it has caused controversy in the country, where it has been censored and the film-makers accused of 'blackening Russia's image to gain Western praise'. The film's producer Alexander Rodnyansky responds to criticism of the film on the line from Moscow. Australian crime thriller Son of a Gun stars Ewan McGregor as Brendan Lynch, a notorious armed robber who takes troubled teenaged boy JR under his wing while in prison. Once he is released, JR quickly realises that Brendon's protection comes at a heavy price. Hannah McGill reviews. The actress Amelia Bullmore is a familiar face from her roles in Scott & Bailey and Twenty Twelve but she's also a writer - responsible for half of the last series of Scott & Bailey and a successful play about female friendship, Di and Viv and Rose. It's now transferred to the West End. She talks to Kirsty Lang.

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