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Man Booker shortlist, Amos Oz, Wifredo Lam exhibition, and Blair Witch

September 13th, 2016

Episode 1272 of 1502 episodes

The Man Booker shortlist is announced today, and critic Alex Clark discusses the most unpredictable list for years. The distinguished Israeli writer, Amos Oz, discusses his latest novel, Judas, which provides an alternative reading not just of the man whose name became synonymous with the word traitor, but suggests that traitors may have more to offer than simple betrayal. Wifredo Lam was a Cuban modernist painter, and friend of Picasso. As a major exhibition of his work opens at Tate Modern, Samira meets his son Eskil Lam and the exhibition's curator, Matthew Gale. Seventeen years ago, low-budget horror film The Blair Witch Project told the story of three film students who vanish in the woods after filming a documentary about a local legend, leaving only their footage behind. As a third sequel is released - called Blair Witch - film critic Ryan Gilbey examines the original film's influence and the 'found footage' genre it has spawned. Presenter : Samira Ahmed Producer : Dymphna Flynn Image: Bélial, Emperor of the Flies (1948) by Wifredo Lam. (c) SDO Wifredo Lam.

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