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Remembering George Martin, Anna Meredith, Motown the Musical, The Witch

March 9th, 2016

Episode 1128 of 1502 episodes

Record producer Sir George Martin was known as the "fifth Beatle" but he also produced comedy records with the likes of Flanders and Swan and The Goons, as well as inventing creative production techniques that changed the sound of popular music. Comedian Bernard Cribbins and composer David Arnold remember the musical genius who has died, aged 90. The Witch is a new horror film set in New England in the 1630's. When their crops fail and their new born son vanishes a devout Christian family, living on the edge of a wilderness, is enveloped by fear and paranoia. Deborah Hyde, editor of the Skeptic magazine, reviews Robert Eggers' directorial debut. Motown the Musical, based on the American record producer Berry Gordy's memoirs, tells the story of how the music label transformed the sound of America. Featuring songs by Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Jackson 5, and Stevie Wonder it shows how these artists came to make the uplifting and enduring popular music in history. Music journalist Jacqueline Springer reviews. Anna Meredith is one of our most versatile composers whose work straddles the worlds of classical, pop, electronica and experimental rock. Until now, much of her time has been spent composing for commissions, but now she's recorded a debut album with her band. She explains how this was a very different working process and reveals what inspired the 11 tracks on Varmints. Presenter: Samira Ahmed Producer: Angie Nehring.

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