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The Jungle Book, Lindsey Davis, Wellington Arch Sculpture, Romola Garai, Goosebumps Alive

April 12th, 2016

Episode 1153 of 1502 episodes

The 1967 classic Disney animation, The Jungle Book, has undergone CGI treatment in a new live-action version of the Rudyard Kipling tale. Film critic Jason Solomons reviews. Lindsey Davis is best known for her widely-acclaimed detective novels set in the first-century AD Roman World. As she publishes her 30th book, The Graveyard of the Hesperides, Lindsey and her editor Oliver Johnston discuss working together on all her books since 1989. Quadriga, the bronze sculpture on top of Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner in London, is being cleaned, repaired and re-waxed. To find out more, Samira climbed to the top and stood alongside the work with historian Steven Brindle and conservator Katrina Redmond. As part of our Shakespeare's People series, Romola Garai chooses the nun Isabella from Measure for Measure, faced with a terrible choice. RL Stine's series of horror stories, Goosebumps, have been brought to life as the immersive theatre experience Goosebumps Alive. Director Tom Salamon discusses adapting the children's books for an adult audience. Presenter Samira Ahmed Producer Ella-mai Robey.

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