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Toby Jones and Peter Bowker on Capital, Adil Ray on Saeed Jaffrey, Ticket re-selling, Hollywood's mature directors

November 16th, 2015

Episode 1042 of 1502 episodes

Actor Toby Jones and screenwriter Peter Bowker on new BBC television drama Capital, based on John Lanchester's novel. The three part series is set in a gentrified south London street whose residents are targeted in a mysterious campaign. If you've ever sat on re-dial or constantly refreshing a website, trying to get a ticket to a concert or event, you may want to contribute to the Government's consultation on the ticket touts harvesting tickets (some using computer software) in huge numbers to sell on at inflated prices. Consumer group Which? is lobbying for changes to the secondary ticket market to enable genuine fans to buy tickets at a fair price. Pete Moorey, head of campaigns at Which? and promoter Harvey Goldsmith discuss the effect ticket touts have on the market and discuss ways of combating the problem. Saeed Jaffrey, veteran star of Bollywood and British cinema has died at the age of 86. Actor Adil Ray pays tribute to Jaffrey, and his influential roles in Gandhi, My Beautiful Laundrette as well as more recently Coronation Street. The last couple of years have been particularly good for the 'mature' film director, with Ridley Scott, George Miller, Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese among those whose recent movies have been box-office gold. Adam Smith considers the winners and losers in the all-important numbers game. Presenter: John Wilson Producer: Elaine Lester.

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