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We're Doomed, The Dazzle, The Waterstone's Book of the Year, The impact of touring musicals on original regional theatre

December 16th, 2015

Episode 1064 of 1502 episodes

We're Doomed is Private Fraser's catchphrase from Dad's Army and the title of a new BBC drama which reveals what went on behind the scenes in the making of the comedy series before the first episode was aired in 1968. Chris Dunkley reviews. Kirsty Lang talks to Coralie Bickford-Smith about her beautiful children's book The Fox and The Star which won the Waterstones Book of the Year, 2015. Andrew Scott, who played Moriarty in Sherlock, returns to the stage, in a disused art studio full of junk. Director Simon Evans and designer Ben Stones talk about staging The Dazzle, about two brothers who filled their elegant New York house with, altogether, 136 tons of discarded objects. And a discussion on the impact of big musicals on tour have on original theatre being made around the country.

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