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The Connected Futures podcast program explores business trends, technology innovations, and best practices fueling an increasingly digitized landscape. As an extension of the digital magazine, Connected Futures, the series features conversations with industry experts, marketplace analysts, and business-minded thought leaders from around the world. Discussions reveal key strategies and insights focused on the potential value of a digital economy and how organizations can evolve to capitalize on these benefits.


Digital transformation is hard enough in any industry. But consider the challenges in one of the most complex ecosystems today: a major airport. Multiple stakeholders — including airlines, vendors, retailers, and, of course, tens of millions of passengers — demand the most efficient and seamless experience. And security and safety are paramount....

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Connected Futures: A Cisco podcast exploring business innovation insights cover

Ethics in AI

December 24th, 2016

The Luddites are often portrayed as comical contrarians, on the wrong side of history. In fact, they had real-life fears about how machinery would impact their textile jobs in 19thcentury England. Today, artificial intelligence is driving similar fears about replacing humans. Tech innovators, business leaders, and politicians will need a...

Cisco and Dimension Data are known for connecting manufacturing plants, sports arenas, hospitals, you name it. But in the South African bush, the companies are partnering on another kind of challenge: saving the rhino. These magnificent animals are being hunted to near extinction for their horns, which in some Asian countries are believed to be...

Connected Futures: A Cisco podcast exploring business innovation insights cover

White Hat Hackers

November 9th, 2016

Cybercriminals are brilliant, relentless, and ruthless. So how can organizations hope to fight them? One way is to hire people just like them (minus the ruthless part). A growing wave of companies are using hackers to foil hackers. They unleash “researchers” (aka hackers) to “attack” an organization’s defenses. Some of these companies create...