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Ep.04: Game of Thrones - 701 - Dragonstone


Ep.04: Game of Thrones - 701 - Dragonstone

July 18th, 2017

Game of Thrones; Season 7 premiere traded grand action for deep symbolism and internal conflict. Learn more about the history of the Catspaw Blade seen in Samwell's research. Explore Bran's premonitions and what they mean for Winterfell. Dissect John Snow's conflict and cohesion with Sansa Stark. We'll also talk about how The Wall might fall, how the show might end, and whether The Hound's firelight visions could spell Clegane Bowl 2017. Leave a Review - Subscribe & Social Media - Website - Email - mailto:[email protected] Our Movies Podcast - Theme Song - Interloper by Kevin MacLeod