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Heather MacFadyen--interviews Shauna Niequist, Lysa TerKeurst, Sally Clarkson on Motherhood & Mentoring

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Interviews with wise women, Lysa TerKeurst, Sally Clarkson, & Lisa-Jo Baker, help moms stayed centered in a shaky world.


You and I want to be good moms sooooo badly. And yet, thedesire to be good and perfect frequently sabotages our goal. We know we should show ourselves, and our kids, grace. Yet, we struggle to understand what grace truly looks like. Today’s guest, Jeannie Cunnion, understands the struggle. Sharingwhat she’s learned aboutthe danger of […]

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a parenting manual? A plan you could follow with an outcome of awesome adult children AND no regrets about how you raised them? Well, in my opinion, today’s guest, Bonni Greiner, has practically done that for us. Bonni is the mom to eight children. Yep, that’s some street cred […]

What a slam dunk way to start off the Summer of Mentorship! In May of 2015, author, speaker & mentor, Vickie Kraft, invited me into her home to record this conversation. Vickie was the first women’s minister at our church and has mentored many of my mentors. She attended seminary. . .in her 50s. . […]

Balancing motherhood, career and identity through various seasons in our life may be one of the biggest challenges we face as women. This week’s podcast guest,Kat Armstrong, guides us through a biblical framework for answering some of the key questions surrounding our calling in Christ and our assignments in life. Whether you are a career […]