Great Moments in History

John G. Stockmyer

Society & Culture, History

Great Moments in History is a collection of ten momentous events in World and American history, covered by live, on-the-spot newscasters. These are "first-hand" dramatizations enhanced by full-range, professional sound effects. Experience real historic events as they happen: - Charge with the Athenians at Marathon; die with the Spartan 300 at the tragedy of Thermopylae; and thrill to the final Greek victory at Plataea. - From the first heroic charge to the bizarre victory, you are at Hastings, reliving that most famous of all battles. King Harold of England and William the Conqueror highlight this succession dispute that can only be settled on the field of combat. - King Phillip II, Sir Francis Drake, Queen Elizabeth - again they meet in the climactic struggle. Return to 1588 as Spanish ships sail out upon the ebb of empire! This series was initially marketed to schools in the early 1970's, and distributed on albums and cassette tapes. Now, 35 years later, thanks to digital technology and podiobooks.com, a new generation is able to enjoy these truly remarkable programs.


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Featured Podcast


The American Revolution is reviewed, culminating in the Battle of Yorktown. We hear Washington, Burgoyne, Von Steuben, Clinton, DeGrasse, and Cornwallis. There is nothing as dramatic as a tiny nation struggling for national independence.

The War of 1812 is not one of the brighter spots in American history; our motives for declaring it were mixed at best, our capital was burned, our navy driven from the sea. While reviewing the war, this emotion-packed recording centers on the Battle of New Orleans --- less an American triumph than a British blunder.

Although you may never have heard of this event in history, it is an excellent vehicle for exposing the era of Puritan America in 1675. It was the most desperate and bloody Indian War ever fought in America. Here, the positions of both Indian and White are presented against a background of savagery on both sides.