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One in five people will experience chronic pain, but some young sufferers say scepticism toward diagnosis and alternative treatments in the health system has let them down. So what’s it like to live with chronic pain in Australia?

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Far right groups have made a comeback in recent years, with Reclaim Australia, the UPF and One Nation grabbing headlines and disaffected votes around the country. Hack looks at the rise of the far right in Australia.

Shalialah Medhora speaks to Louise who started the ACT Young People's Bereavement Network after getting a call that changed her life.

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Summer Hack: Child Brides

January 15th, 2017

Bee Al Darraj was eight years old when she watched her 13-year-old sister get married in Sydney’s west. She spoke to Sarah McVeigh about what happened when it was her turn to be a child bride.