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Australia's most senior Catholic has been charged with sex offences, and it's 10 years since the first iPhone, so how was it invented and where is the technology going?

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Where the Petya cyber attack came from and the damage it's done, new four-part podcast looks at one of the most horrific crimes in Australia's history - the murder of Maria James in 1980, and why did police arrest streakers at Melbourne's Community Cup AFL game?

Should you take mental health sick days? Author Sophie Hardcastle says she took one at her cafe job, and got fired. Plus, the new census data shows 'no religion' is more popular than any other category of religion. So is it time for a new category: 'spiritual but not religious'?

Christopher Pyne has been caught on tape saying same-sex marriage will happen "soon" - so what's the latest with marriage equality? Plus, we look at the pressure on young doctors, who say they are overworked and overstressed, and we ask when it's okay to take a mental health sick day.