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Hamish and Andy

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Australian radio hosts, whose daily live radio broadcast is burnt onto a CD and couriered to an IT prodigy who can convert what is on the CD into a digital audio file. He puts the audio file onto a USB and the USB is shipped back to the radio station, where the file is transferred to a computer desktop, renamed, and then uploaded as a podcast.


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2008 - Day 2

January 24th, 2017

1. The Double Up Blast 2. Ralph Magazine Has Lost 5000 Boobs At Sea 3. What Did You Invent Too Late 4. Stitch Up On Cackling Jack 5. *Bonus* Kangaroo Boots With Peter Harvie 6. Gravy Taste Test 7. If I Were Heidi Klum’s Body, Would You Have Sex With Me? 8. Have You Used Someone As A Guinea Pig 9. Hamish Is Not Paying Attention

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2008 - Day 1

January 23rd, 2017

1. Dial-A-Joke 2. Hamish's Dad's Birthday 3. Hamish Started A Food Plan With His Girlfriend 4. Live Spat With Dools And Linda On Triple J 5. Horgs Thinks That He Is In The Truman Show. 6. *Bonus* The Boys Convince Horgs They Can Now Use Technology To Watch His Every Move 7. Reveal The Final Chip Flavour 8. Blast From The Past – Hamish Has To...

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2007 - Day 5

January 18th, 2017

1. Have You Ever ‘Shawshanked’ Someone? 2. Shannon Elizabeth From American Pie 3. Did Shannon Elizabeth Think Hamish Was Cute? 4. Andy Has Taken From The Honesty Policy Chip Box 5. Hamish Gets Hypnotized For His Arachnophobia 6. Fred Basset 7. *Bonus* Fred Basset On Helium 8. *Bonus* Tony Martin & Richard Marsland – Prelude To A Fart

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2007 - Day 4

January 18th, 2017

1. Desperation Food 2. Flower Shop Prank 3. What Have You Assumed Someone Knew.. 4. Jerry Stiller 5. Andy Visits The Sperm Bank 6. *Bonus* Hamish Thinks Katie Holmes Doing A Marathon In 5 Hours Was Rubbish. He Wants To Beat Her