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Hamish and Andy

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Australian radio hosts, whose daily live radio broadcast is burnt onto a CD and couriered to an IT prodigy who can convert what is on the CD into a digital audio file. He puts the audio file onto a USB and the USB is shipped back to the radio station, where the file is transferred to a computer desktop, renamed, and then uploaded as a podcast.


Mon 3rd July 2017

July 3rd, 2017

Episode 487 of 497 episodes

1 - Trump never ceases to amaze us 2 - Race to 5th - we're holding the race tomorrow 3 - Andy, by Hamish - Andy faces the enemy - Respect by David Beckham 4 - Mysterious graffiti in the US 5 - Gut Mythbusters with Hilliar - explaining the idea 6 - Gut Mythbusters with Hilliar - put him to the test 7 - Bad Santa - call to Andy's mum to run the prizes past her

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